Peter Christof was born in Offenbach am Main in 1985. He grew up in Aschaffenburg and started playing bass in numerous bands.

From 2006-2010 he studied jazz bass in Nuremberg with Rudi Engel and Christian Diener. After moving to Switzerland, he continued his studies in Lucerne and Basel with Larry Grenadier and Heiri Känzig.

Peter Christof has been living in Nuremberg since 2014. In addition to playing acoustic and electric bass as a sideman, he also composes, arranges and writes lyrics. As part of the managing committee of Metropolmusik EV, a style-crossing society of composers based in the Nuremberg area, he organizes the weekly jazz session and helps manage the society in other capacities.

Since 2019, Peter Christof has been the director of the jazz ensemble Big Band Langwasser in Nuremberg.


  • 2010 Harmzone: First prize Startbahn Jazz Straubing
  • 2012 Harmzone: Finalist Burghausen Jazz
  • 2012 Leslie B. Hadfy-Foundation / Lucerne
  • 2013 Jilman Zilman: Finalist Burghausen Jazz
  • 2014 Jilman Zilman: First prize LAG Jazz
  • 2015 Konstantin Herleinsberger Quartett: First prize LAG Jazz

Vergangene und aktive Projekte als Bassist:

  • Jilman Zilman (feat. Jesse van Ruller/Simon Nabatov)
  • Duo Fonder (Duo /w alto-saxophone player Markus Harm)
  • Rebecca Trescher Quartett and Tentett
  • Mund, Christof, Monk! (Duo /w singer Linda Mund)
  • Lucerne Jazz Orchestra
  • Ed Partyka Jazz Orchestra
  • Jürgen Neudert: The so-called friends
  • HaLo Quintett (trad. Jazz)
  • Harmzone
  • Dunkel Feres (Duo /w singer Hanna Sikasa)
  • Elvis/Cash-Show: Dr Kingsize and the Celebrations
  • Der Fall
  • VKKO
  • Konstantin Herleinsberger Quartett
  • Achtung Kompressor
  • Peter Fulda Quartett: Tarot Suite & Quote Grooves
  • Dieter Köhnlein Sextett (Uwe Kropinski, Volker Holly Schlott, Hubert Winter, Matthias Rosenbauer)
  • Michel Meis Quartett
  • Projekte of Metropolmusik eV (selection)
    • Ensemble in Residence II
    • Lochamer Liederbuch
    • Die Jazzwelt des Werner Heider
    • Freedom Concepts
    • Gluckfestspiele 2019
  • Olivia Sollner Quartett
  • N.E.O. (Neo-Soul)